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It is our goal to provide a decorative concrete surface that meets your design needs as well as your budget

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Atencio Concrete Services is a concrete construction company that specializes in a variety of services from demolition to resurfacing. Our team will find the design solution that is right for you!

Our Services

Concrete Restoration

Resurface and beautify your existing concrete with Texture-Crete, a series of polymer modified cementitious coatings designed to resurface concrete. Texture-Crete transforms plain concrete into a durable smooth or textured finish. Easily simulate tile, flagstone, slate, and more with a wide variety of protective finishes.

New Concrete

We can handle all your new concrete projects. From foundations, pool decks and patios to retaining walls, driveways and everything in between. We use proper techniques for compaction and rebar reinforcement.

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are long lasting, very easy to maintain, and affordable. Epoxies can withstand heavy loads and impact and are becoming commonplace for garage surfaces. We are capable of handling your industrial or commercial projects such as warehouses, storerooms, and showroom floors.
waterproof decking

Waterproof Decking

Formulated for plywood surfaces, the waterproof system integrates the finest acrylic resins and cement blends into a reinforced, galvanized metal lath. Eliminating plywood seams and is ideal for use in heavy traffic areas, such as balcony deck, roof deck, or walkway.

25 years experience
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25 Years Experience


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“We wanted to replace an old deck with a concrete patio that would wrap around our pool. We wanted to make sure that it blend in with the existing stone around our pool. Max and his crew did an amazing job. These guys are true artists. The final product blended perfectly with the pool stone. Max and his crew solicited our opinion on the color blending of each “stone” of the concrete deck. People who have visited our yard are amazed at how beautiful and it looks.”

David T.

“This has to be one of the most hassle-free contractor experiences I have had. From initial contact, consultation, estimate, through final execution, the ACS team was responsive, professional, reliable, and just a pleasure to work with.”

Felix Y.

“Very talented contractor. Miracle worker with concrete. He is taking a yard to the next level and working on my rental hopefully as well with some leveling issues. I will post pics soon of completed work. Him and is wife are very resourceful and make working with them easy. Highly professional and so much information. Thanks for your services.”

Natalie G.

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Frequently Asked

Are concrete overlays durable?
Concrete overlays are very strong products, rated for a compression strength of 4,500 psi. This is actually stronger than the slab itself, so properly applied, resurfaced layers can be very durable.
How long does concrete resurfacing last?
Decorative concrete overlays are as durable and long lasting as the underlying concrete. If properly installed and maintained, there is no reason a modern decorative concrete overlay won’t last for decades, even in harsh climates.
How do I maintain my concrete overlay?
To maintain your concrete overlay the installation needs to be pressure washed and resealed every 2-3 years depending on exposure to sun, weather and amount of use

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